Thursday, July 27, 2023

In Which We Return


If you look below this post, you'll see that the last post I put up here on Blogger is a sniffy little tirade about how I will NEVER darken these doors again.  Back then, 7 years ago, Blogger had just threatened a ban on adult content and I was not interested in picking up what they were putting down so I skedaddled. And yet, here I am back, tail between my legs.  So who could have put my tail there?  Blogger's competitor WordPress, to whom I had fled all those years ago, that's who.

A couple of weeks ago I got a terse message from WordPress announcing that I had been busted for posting "sexually explicit material" and that my blog would therefore be suspended.  Pissy bitches. And by suspended, they actually meant deleted.  I had no access to my own blog or any way to contact my followers.  They did let me download a file of my posts, but that turned out to just be lines of code.  Thanks to my fellow blogger Scarlet, from Wonky Words  and Mags from 63 mago, I got my hands on a converter that shook out the code into something more legible, but even that was just the text with no pictures and none of the comments, which were my favorite part.  Insult to injury, the posts are jumbled up out of order.

So 7 years of work, gone.  I am keenly aware of how unimportant this blog is, but to me, it was a kind of diary; if I wondered what I was doing 3 years ago, for instance, I could always dip in to the archives and find out.  The loss of it and the futile hassle I went through trying to retrieve it left me frustrated and sad for the last few days, but I have decided to just shake it off and move on.  I hope I'm not being bitter when I say WordPress has decided it is no longer content with being a platform for blogging and now wants to be a host for commercial websites so even before I got kicked off I didn't actually fit in anymore. Anyway, here I am back where I started, me and my smutty little blog.

Some of that material they found so distasteful:

Who could object to such tasteful and tasty Muscle Pussy?

One of my favorite pictures EVER, and now in color.

The always alluring Blake Clunes.

Another long-time favorite, tragically, an anonymous one.

Teasey in red.

"Yeah, everybody says it's big...."

Surely, people standing in line behind him must occasionally just squeeze that.

Next to godliness, baby.

How do you navigate through life with an ass like that?

Emilio Contento, costarring his massive titties.

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