Monday, May 24, 2010

Bon Voyage

Darlings, it's just a whirl around here. Tomorrow morning we board the train for Chicago, three days and two nights across Utah and Nebraska and various and sundry other nasty little Republican redoubts. We're looking forward to it immensely. Plans for this have been in the works for months, but I was never convinced it would actually happen until tonight while I was packing.

The lure of sleeping on the train and days of enforced idleness is delightful. But wait, there's more. Diane von Austinburg is flying up from Austin to spend time with us, R Man's oldest friend is blowing in from Florida and I'm planning on lunching with Thombeau, master of planet Fabulon and the Chateau. Big times all around.

I know I've been bad about all that posting stuff, but I promise to better, as soon as I get back. Since our trip also includes a jaunt off to Annapolis to see R Man's psycho family, that won't be until June 7, but my dears, I'll have such stories then.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

News You Can Use

Howz tricks mrpeenee, you ask?

Well, let's see,

I plunge into the next week faced with a nonstop barrage of parties (business parties, get real.) I will only be at home long enough each day to sleep before hurling myself into the next round of shaking hands and making small talk while my naturally soft voice dwindles into a Kathleen Turner-like rasp.

R man's chemo therapy is going OK, but he's very easily tired and recently developed a throat and mouth infection called thrush that is painful. Fortunately, he was smart enough to score the drugs to combat it early on, so hopefully it will have its wee little dick knocked in the dirt shortly. The waiting room in chemo land continues to irritate me, although they do have very nice candy there.

My face has decided it would like to be 15 again and has broken out all over the fucking place. My doctor has declared it stress related. Certainly it has caused plenty of stress and made shaving a blood sport.

Our charming friends Professor Puffy Pants and Denden are visiting and I have only yelled at everyone once. I think. They don't care because they love us and besides, they're used to me.

The people I work with are lazy, fat headed, idiotic slugs, but what's new about that?

We went to a charming french-y restaurant for lunch yesterday spoiled only by the fact they played Stevie Wonder's Isn't She Lovely four times. I was starting to twitch by the time we left. In other music related news, I frequently wake up with songs playing in my head. That sounds more precious than it is, and I suppose it's better than voices, but sometimes it's songs I like and sometimes it's the hits from some crappy jukebox. One time it was Close to You. Oy. This morning, luckily, it was the dulcet tones of Miss Julie London covering My Heart Belongs to Daddy.

Best of all, our fabulous, fabulous couch has FINALLY arrived. Photographic proof provided below. We're both wild for it, me because it's so lovely, R Man because it's basically a big bed in the middle of our living room. Yays all around.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Blind Devotion

I was all prepared to write a emotionally wrenching post about losing my left contact lens yesterday at the Kabuki spa and then being forced to stumble up Filmore street to my optometrist with only one eye in focus, but I can't see to type without my contacts, so never mind. Houseboy Ton Amour has kindly agreed to type this from my diction, but since he refuses to use both hands when at the keyboard, I have no idea how all this is going to come out.
If you need me , I'll be here in St. Snark's Home for the Near Sighted and Feeble Minded.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

mrpeenee's Home Repair

Oh, my little popettes, one of the folding doors on our linen closet came off its track. Putting it back is no big deal, it is, in fact, one of the household accomplishments I am capable of. But this one resisted my best efforts. I did everything right, in the right order, in the wrong order, in no order and it still wouldn't fit back in. Finally I resorted to my favorite technique: shrieking like a little girl and smacking it with my fist. Turns out I'm gay. So now we not only have a door off its track we have a busted door off its track. Life is so hard.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The mrpeenee Story

We're thinking about turning our bio into a big Broadway musical. Or a puppet show. As long as there's lots of jazz hands

In Which We're Calling It In

In the middle of an unnecessarily annoying and complicated day last week, my phone decided to commit suicide. I was Ubering along playing Ya...