Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lights out, SF

Big excitement yesterday here in San Francisco, the City that Never Sleeps, but Does Sleep Around, Sometimes. All afternoon, the power kept going off and coming back and then going off again, much like my attention span. I was riding the Muni subway up to the Castro to see my chiropractor, the fabulous, fabulous Greg Gorman and didn’t even notice any power outage, but then, Muni is so chaotic, a small thing like an electricity crisis is easy to overlook.

Actually, I should have known something was up, since when I got to the Embarcadero station heading out, the station agent was barring the escalator to the platform with her body (and there was no way of getting around that girl) announcing “There’s been a power outage, You can’t go down.” This led to understandable confusion since all the lights were on, the signs were working and the trains were merrily trundling in and out of the station, without us. Because most Muni riders assume all station agents are insane, no one really was overly concerned by the discrepancy, but it was annoying to miss your train.

Greg’s a wonderful back cracker and I feel limber as cooked spaghetti now, but even better was missing the blackout making the computers here at work going on and off like some odd disco light.
I gotta go

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