Thursday, March 13, 2008


I am way too lazy to ever actually be involved in conspiracy theories - keeping track of all the possibilities just seems like too much work. Never the less, in the case of the former governor of New York, Eliot "Put It on My Tab, Baby" Spitzer it seems astonishingly coincidental that the vice would just happen to put the hammer down on the very escort service that Spitzer favored with his custom. Maybe they were going after dozens of hooker entrepreneurs and this was just one of them, but I haven't seen that in any of the stories.

Eliot is my man and you want to know why? In every photo, grimacing, shocked and pained, he always looks like he's wearing exquisitely applied eye-liner. Lancombe, probably.

Plus, every time I see his name in print it reminds me that when I was a wee little fruit, I had a huge crush on Mark Spitz. It was probably a combination of the moustache and the Speedo. When I was 17, this was the closest to porn I had come. I still sort of like it.


  1. That Mark Spitz poster! In full color! Such a part of my...adolescence.

  2. Goodness, so glad to hear someone else feels the same way I do. Spitz, Spitzer, just typing it makes me sorta wet!

  3. My first boyfriend was a Mark Spitz clone. Oh how I miss the 70's gay macho look and how skinny everyone was back then.

  4. Mark Spitz made me swoon, too. Like that's news.


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