Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aye, Candy

It must be the phase of the moon. In my post earlier this week whinging about a lack of treasure trail photos, Princess and Mean Dirty Pirate both came through with leads on some here and here and here. Then, that old darling and terror of the Midwest, Thombeau, forwarded me an email with yet another shot that a fan of his had sent him for me. I don't know whether this generous benefactor wants his identity known. We will just call him scottjim. We will refer to the picture he sent as "You Can Give an Old Man a Heart Attack Like That, You Know. Not that I Would Mind." Photographic proof provided:
Don't you think he looks like a younger, cuter Thomas Jane? Of course you do.

In the same vein, I was thrilled to discover that one of my favorite soft core artistes had branched out into the world of the nekkid. One so likes to see a performer stretch.

On the road to slightly less soft

Just stupid

Lastly, we present the case of Tim Tebow, well-known christianist and football person. Football, for those of you like mrpeenee who can never remember, is the one with the pointy brown ball. Anyway, Tebow is also now an underwear model, albeit one who will not be actually modeling underpants because he's afraid nasty homosexuals will take a peep at his junk. Quel scandale. Perhaps he should look into wearing a burqa, just to be safe.

In case you were wondering, here is Mr. Tebow at some athletic (TOTALLY NOT HOMOEROTIC) event.
"Fifteen bucks. Just put the tip of it in your mouth. No one has to know."

I love this photo because a) it reminds me how fond I am of the old Julie Brown song I Like 'em Big and Stupid and b) I also have a weakness for a little known gay porn sub-genre known as Rascally Elder Coerces Humpy Doofus into Sexual Shenanigans They Will Both Sort of Regret. Its obscurity is possibly due to the fact I just made it up. But you know you'd watch, wouldn't you?

In travelin' news, mrpeenee wil be haunting his old stomping grounds in New Orleans starting on Saturday. I plan on connecting with old friends Cow Queen and Magda (seen here with mrpeenee in a publicity still from their last disaster flick Valley of the French Quarter Dolls, co-starring Thombeau as Helen Lawson.)
I assume we will behave like teenage girls just escaped from some damn dirt farm. I also hope to hook up with that blogger's blogger, Jason, from Night is Half Gone . I'll be back April 7 with vivid memories, even if I have to make them up.


  1. Ooh, you make sure and give Jason a big hug for me! And then make sure he gives YOU a big hug for me! And then you should both get high.

  2. Yeay!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't wait.
    But please remember to pack Tommy Jane Jr. and "Just Stupid" and that pink dress. You can probably buy all three down here, but they won't be of such high quality.

  3. Enjoy your trip! I would say "don't do anything that I wouldn't do", but, that wouldn't leave much...

  4. Oh have a wonderful time...
    I wan't a full field report on your return darling... with photo's

  5. i must tell you, the word verification is:


    gism from a squid? perfect for this post, i'd say.

  6. Oh sweetie I'll be in Biloxi around the same time and you know it's just a hayride over to Woolmarket and then New Orleans. I'll email Jason for details...I'd love to crash that party. Now where did I put my cat glasses???

  7. You dirty pirate, you. I think that would be fabulous. I'll email you details.

  8. may more fun come your way than you know what to do with. and bad behaviour isn't hard at all when you set your mind to it.

  9. Is it too late to put in a request for a photo of you and Jason side-by-side in fishnets?

  10. Happy birthday, Peenee!

    I've a cake for you although the pastry chef messed up a bit.

    wv: stain

  11. you should have your own theme music. because you are all that and all.

  12. Happy Birthday, old bean! I loves ya!!


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