Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Evening with the Cat

"What are you eating? Stop that, stop that this instant.  Spit that out, don't swallow it, if I have to take you the vet again I swear I will leave you there.  Spit that out, goddammit, stop it.  What is that?  is it plastic?  If you can't pass it, don't eat it.  Goddammit, goddammit, goddammit."

Repeat until  exhausted.


  1. Saki: "What are you watching? Stop that this instant. He's not spitting it out, he's swallowing! Eww... What is that? Is it rubber? If you can't get it, don't watch it. Goddammit, goddammit, goddammit."


  2. You, Peenee, on the other hand...

    How many times has someone said to YOU, "Swallow it, goddammit, swallow it!"?

    1. No one has ever threatened me with the vet, on the other hand.

    2. Fortunately, you were able to cough up that nasty hairball without medical intervention.

  3. That-times-three at Casa Bob y Carlos.

  4. "What do you mean what am I eating? I'm eating what I'm eating...has he ever seen me spit anything? I'll cough this up or shit out when I'm ready. And no, you won't leave me at the vet. How do I know this? This cat has seen, "things". And as if damning god has ever done anything for anyone. Now let me clean my paw, cause I know it makes you crazy..."

  5. Every day with the cat at Chez Vonaustinberg: "Goddamit, Nigel, get down! GET DOWN!! GODDAMMIT, GET DOWN!!!!!" Repeat until exhausted. The cat, meanwhile, watches from the kitchen counter.


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