Friday, June 20, 2014

In Which mrpeenee is Forced into a Decision

I'm still struggling with picking out fixtures for the house in New Orleans.  Selecting bathtubs and whatnot was a chore I knocked out in an afternoon when I redid the bathrooms here at Chez peenee, so why it's taking me more than three months to grind these out truly baffles me.  My talents at procrastination just seem to have developed, I suppose.

I did manage to scrape together a frantic few, so I could get the specs off to Sister Mary Legs in the Air, who's been very patiently putting up with my doddering all this time. I motivated myself by prohibiting porn until I had made some decisions.  That's right: I have moved from nagging myself to punishing myself.  Oy.

Items I snagged included sconces.  I like this one very much, plus I was thrilled by its description:

"Ostentatiously crisp white shades rise from a sparkling chrome bar in an effortless statement of both class and gentility"

cause I am all about ostentatious gentility.  I sort of love the passion whoever wrote this brings to modifiers for modifying's sake, although understanding what those big words actually meant would probably have helped.

So now I get to hoist back up on the porn train.  What am I watching these days, you ask?  Oh, just a little something called  Rosy cheeked, smooth skinned lads in white shirts and ties  and very odd underwear being molested.  What could be better?


  1. "ostentatiously crisp."

    if i owned a potato chip company,
    this would be emblazoned on the
    bags, yesterday.

  2. I'm sorry. "Class and gentility" in my book means something that Mamie Eisenhower would have liked, and those sconces are about as far from her brand of Colonial Moderne as you can get.

    (but they're really pretty cool.)

    1. I like them and, yes, the gentility part was what made wonder if the writer had some software that just produced possible objects, subjects and adjectives at random.

  3. Gee, is "momronboyz" that
    Moms with their boys dating site I've been to? Hot

    1. Does Mom coe on your date with you? Thrilling.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you both. I don't know to whom I would rather turn for decorating advice. Oh wait, that would be anybody.

  5. Don't skimp on light fixtures. Or on windows, either. Cheap light fixtures are bad dental work. And cheap windows are like bad eye wear.

  6. I think Cookie missed his calling.

    Personally, I can order up a house full of shit lickety split for other people. Myself? Not so much. I like junk. BUT, I do think you should keep the finishes in mind and spend on the rooms you like. If I were moving to the tropics from California I would want a spa like bathroom, perhaps one of these. So sterile and easy to clean after guests drag home unwashed tricks.

    1. exactly, I'm thinking about something I can just hose down.

  7. I helped a friend rebuild after her place was washed away in Sandy.. she admits that she's hopeless with this stuff but had surprisingly strong opinions. We live 900 mile away from each other. I could look at tile all day and she would last 3 minutes, so me going to NJ to help was out of the question.

    We resolved to use a Pintrest, shared board.. I "Pinned" and she commented. Then we'd agree without ever having to actually talk to each other. Her contractor was confused, but it truly worked beautifully

    You and SMLITNA (Sister Mary Legs in the Air) get on Pinterest and if you find 5 new Pins you'd earn hours of guilt free Porn surfing.

    Here to help.


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