Friday, June 14, 2024

In Which We Take a Trip


I was reminded of the following story by this charming illustration I stumbled across on Tumblr.  It is a sheet of blotter acid from back in the day.

One fine spring afternoon many years ago, a gang of miscreants with whom I worked on a small newspaper in New Orleans and I went off to spend the day at a cabin near the beach in Gulfport, Mississippi.  It was a tiny structure teetering on the brink of being a shack with a great big screened porch.  

These sort of shabby, but not chic, little joints were all over the Gulf Coast in the halcyon days of my youth.  They were comfortable but nothing special, usually sort of musty, and frequently built by somebody's grandfather with whatever crappy supplies he had lying around.  Putting any more effort or money into construction of something that was just going to get knocked down by some hurricane was regarded as laughable.  They were often referred to as The Camp.  I'm sure they are pretty much all gone by now, either flattened by, again, a hurricane or replaced by some ridiculously elaborate McMansion, which was also inevitably hurricane doomed. 

I'm sure this particular The Camp came fully stocked with crabbing nets and flounder gigs and probably some rod and reels for surf fishing because all of these places had those.  Oh and coolers for beer.  Definitely coolers for beer.  This one was pretty standard with a big front room with a kitchen in it and then a bathroom and a couple of bedrooms.  The first thing you did when entering was open all the windows to air out the mildewy smell and then immediately shut them all so you could turn on the air conditioner.  

The whole point of our expedition was to get there and get loaded by taking some LSD.  Since I'm easily amused, I always liked acid.  I enjoyed taking a break from the physical reality and the hallucinations which took my tiny little brain for a drive were always colorful and pretty.

The cabin had a huge hot pink azalea growing right next to it, actually taller than the roof.  Once I was tripping (like a million screaming monkeys, as we used to say,) I spent most of the afternoon sitting on the screened porch and staring up into the magenta flowers.  I eventually had to go pee and in walking across the main room to the toilet and back, I got lost.  You know why?  Cause I. Was. Loaded.

Hoohoo.  Good times.

Boys who look like they would be a good time: 

Tyler Otto and his lovely buttchops.

Glenn Isner, another one of those skinny-big-dick combos everybody finds so darn attractive.

And yet another.

Jadsen, from over at AllAmericanGuys, where the models all have sweet asses, but no last names.

Massimo Arad, daddy in the dunes.

Oooh, spooky.

Another mononymic beauty, Mathias and his low hanging fruit.

Look, a love story for Pride month.


  1. I remember laughing so hard at a 3 wheeler car propped up on bricks because the front wheel was missing like it was the funniest thing in the universe. The trip went on for about 12hours, so was a bit of an experience. I never did it again, once was enough, and it is all firmly lodged in my memory!!

    1. Laughing maniacally was one of the best bits.

  2. Being from a family of bipolars I never did acid. Seemed like it might be a bad idea. I did do mescaline once. That was interesting.

    I liked the summer camp reminiscing. Fire island used to be lots of shacks as well from what I read.

    All those beach front properties are just waiting to be blown or washed away.

  3. I never ran across any mescaline. What was that like?

    1. It made me very aware I was my body. There was no separation of my mind for my body. No little person sitting in my brain driving.

      Plus being very aware of my perceptions of the world. I suppose it was like a mild acid.

  4. Mr. Spooky's photo reminds me of the day-glo blacklight posters once sold for people taking acid trips.

    Anonymous, too

  5. I, too never took acid, nor mushrooms - but probably the closest experience I had to that was from imbibing some cannabis powder (the party hosts were too lazy even to make it into a "space cake"). I remember laughing maniacally at some very old, very low-resolution porn VHS someone had put on because all the colours were wrong, like the sort of cheap psychedelic "special effects" we used to get on Top of the Pops.

    I felt fine the next day. Everyone else looked like shit. Maybe I should try it again sometime... Jx

    1. It sounds like an entertaining evening. I don't want to be challenged by my drugs.

  6. I used to enjoy magic mushroom tea in my youth despite being allergic it, my face would come out in spots and now 20 years later I'm still abusing the mushrooms in the form of Lions mane, a health supplement from Holland and Barrett, I've been having some very sexy dreams since taking it. My old gran was very generous with her pharmaceuticals and would often treat me to an ativan.


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