Friday, January 4, 2008

Houseboy Culture

Oh dear. One of my favorite houseboys, Rudolfo Innocento, has invited us especially to his spoken word performance at the Lesbian Vegan Anarchists Social Centre and Bait Shop on Sunday afternoon. Such a dear boy and I hate to disappoint him, but I just don't know if his idea of combining the works of Depeche Mode and Patsy Cline is something he can, you know, pull off. He had a hard enough time with the Marilyn Manson/Pet Shop Boys piece. Plus they always serve those awful mung bean brownies for tea, but what can one do?


  1. What can one do? The houseboy, of course!

  2. Rudolfo's working for you too!?! That two-timing scamp. He'll have to do a lot of explaining when he comes in to dust Monday morning.

  3. junky-
    maybe it's a different Rudolfo Innocento.

    It's like being an athletic supporter. Sort of.

  4. and i always thought you went for the sunday afternoon tea dance afterwards.

    at least this houseboy is literate.

  5. With arms like that, literateness is just overrated.


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