Monday, April 14, 2008

What Attention Span?

Is it remarkable that neither R Man nor I can remember when he gave me my wedding ring? It seems like it to me. We're both vaguely sure it was quite a while ago, maybe 1990. I remember it was a Christmas present, one I had asked for specifically, and it came in my stocking. Sweet, huh?

It certainly means a lot to me, an announcement of the permanence I feel with him. A former fuck buddy took exception to it and asked me to take it off while we were going at it. I refused and he was annoyed, but not as annoyed as he was when he found out I take it off to make biscuits. I tired to explain there is a profound difference, to me, between the symbolism of removing it to fuck and the practical demands of avoiding scraping dried up dough off it, but he wasn't having any of it. That might be one of the reasons he is a former fuck buddy.

In other mrpeeneee news, we went to Foreign Cinema for lunch again Saturday. I love that place, great, great food, and look what a cute waiter.

Here's his butt.

This is part of my vast collection of attempts at taking my own picture where my pointy little head winds up squeezed into one of the corners of the frame. It's art.

Lastly, our ceanothus is blooming and dazzling.


  1. I love it---a wee glimpse, a day in the life...

    And what a fabulous mousepad!

  2. People just don't understand.

    I mean, sex is one thing, but biscuits are sacred.

    But back to that waiter's butt...

  3. I'd like to get back to that waiter's butt.


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