Tuesday, September 16, 2008

R Mania, Take Two

Oh sweetums, I know the posts have been sort of thin on the ground of late. I've been busy being a ministering angel to R Man. The poor lamb is well and truly suffering form his disc problems. His left leg hurts excruciatingly, to the point where he can't walk and his pain meds do almost nothing except make him nauseated. Things are not bright and happy around Chez Peenee. A couple of doctors have mentioned that these things frequently just get better, but that takes time.


  1. Sweethawt I been on both sides of this issue. It’s draining. Nursing instinct is like style…either you have it or you don’t. Sorry to hear R-man is feeling poorly and hope he mends quickly. You’re a regular Florence Nightingale. Nurse Peenee…Nurse Peenee to the tuberculosis wing STAT!

  2. I recommend repeated viewings of Miss Francis's masterpieces "The White Angel" and "Dr. Monica", from which I got everything I know about modern medicine.

    But O, all sympathy truly - having survived several relatively mild bouts of sciatica and having had to look after Mr. M. when he's ailing - you both need someone to take care of you!

  3. How sweet of you both. As I don my little nursie's cap (with the big red cross on the front,) my cape, and my sturdy white shoes, I shall think of you both.

  4. That is very true; sometimes it just takes time. I had a bout of lower back pain last October so severe that it put me in the ER on three bags of Dilaudid; a CT scan revealed zip.

    Days later at a spinal Dr's I learned that I'd suffered a severe muscle spasm. Got all the necessary meds, i.e., Vicodin, muscle relaxers et al...but in the end it was all about not moving while the days passed until I could walk upright without cussing.

    Hope things are headed in the right direction. Good wishes here.

  5. Are you April's more compassionate sister, Cherry Ames, Student Nurse?

    Do send R Man my best from Noo Yawk. It sounds excruciatingly painful, but he's lucky to have you there to minister to his needs!

  6. Goodness.
    I hope he's feeling better soon.

    and "Chez Peenee" sounds very posh...large plates and small food posh.

  7. Ouch! I've had one bout of serious back pain and it was as bad as chilbirth! (Hmm... hope the Rman isn't knocked up!). Deep tissue massage helped me some. Good luck, and make sure you post pix of yourself in your nurse outfit.


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