Sunday, September 21, 2008

That's MISS Plop Hero to You

Diane von Austinberg (who arrives here on Wednesday, lending light and love to our wedding and risotto to our dinner plans. Tremendous yay.) forwards this fascinating tool to discover what you name might be were Gov. Palin to have spawned you.

Mine is Plop Hero Palin. I love it. Both sordid and noble, much like me. Maybe Sarah really is my mother. I think I'll go shoot something now.


  1. Rake Trinket looks forward to seeing you Wednesday!

  2. Please shoot McCain Fortress Palin. She hates her name.

  3. What the bloody hell?!! When I was a drag queen/stripper I was one of the Devine Chan triplets. In Sarah Palin's hands I would become Nam Guadalupe Palin. Not much of a choice really, is it?


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