Monday, December 29, 2008


Life, you know, is a time a machine, but the thing is, it only goes in one direction. Certainly, if it were possible to go backwards, I'd go back to this morning when I was unloading the dishwasher and not cut my goddam knuckle, which has resulted in my typing being even more erratic than usual.Anyway, time is very much on my mind this morning since I have plenty of it, here in the world's quietest office and while I've been reading everyone's blogs from the past few days while I was out of town and away from the internets. It's so interesting catching up, but since I read the blogs from the top down, things go backwards, sort of like Amy Winehouse's rehab efforts. Since I have now reached December 25 in my perusals, let me wish you all the warmest of season greetings and as a Christmas present, please accept these random Australian underwear models. Bon Noel!


In Which We Take a Trip

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