Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rockin in the New Year

Our dear Muscato queries “are you ready for the New Year?” to which everyone seems to answer “Hell yeah.” Including me, but I also have to remember that 2008, around chez peenee anyway, was much better than ‘07 (no medical emergencies and a new B-52 album. Yay) so I’m more willing to give the old ‘08 a hearty handshake farewell rather than a kick in the ass out the door.

And also, around this time of year, I always grow suspicious that They have actually skipped some recent years. 1995 for instance. I sort of recall 1994 and 1996 but nothing in between. Can you prove we really had a 1995? I think not. 1977 too.


  1. Oh I remember '77. Or as I like to recall it The Year I Won A Disco Dance Competition.

  2. I remember 1995....a good year actually I think.
    But I can't prove it.

    Anyway, not nearly as good your
    2009 will be, I hope.

  3. Happy 2009, Peenee! One of my 2009 resolutions is to start getting as much cock as you have. Whee!!!

  4. 1977 was the year before I met you. 1995 was the year I got divorced. 2009 will be the year we see each other more than once.

  5. TJB
    You'd better hurry up.

    quite correct on all three points. I was just testing you.


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