Monday, February 2, 2009

Boy Talk

A completely unsolicited remark by sarospice at the Fabulon party about how cute Rod the Blog is has encouraged me to come out of the Impeached Governor closet and admit I would do him in a second. I imagine his buttocks are as white and soft as pizza dough waiting to be rolled out. I want to spank him.

In my defense, I also find the following dreamy:
Matthew Mitcham, the Aussie gay Olympian. Isn't he adorable? I want to spank him too, but not hard.

Mark Frechette from the Antonioni film Zabrieski Point. I may have not spelled any of those nouns correctly, but look at Those eyes, Those nipples.

John Abraham. Did our dear Muscato just faint? Again?

Andy Cooper. Who is totally not gay, by the way. As he told his big black boyfriend right after Mr. Boyfriend Who Has No Name finished stuffing the Cooper heinie like a Thanksgiving turkey "I am so not gay. Again."

Yul Kwon, the Survivor winner. A local boy. As are those abs.


  1. Honey, I couldn't get past the hair. . . . I think YOU need to be spanked.

  2. Oh darling, you're just so narrow minded. Open your mind. Look at Yul's tits.

  3. you know I am going to google this John Abraham. I likes me darker boys.

  4. Blago is fit and trim---he actually trained as a boxer, long ago. I saw him work the crowd at a Gay Pride parade in Chicago, years ago, back when he could still work his boyish charm. Nice glutes!

    He is, however, an idiot.

  5. "as white and soft as pizza dough waiting to be rolled out"

    pure poetry.

  6. The guv'nah makes Miss J want to vomit... but she fully agrees with Mr. P on all the other Spankables.

  7. i agree on all except blago. he doesn't do anything for me...


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