Sunday, February 8, 2009

To Live and Die....

Me and Urban Street Pirate in LA Xmas '08, freezing.

We're hot-footing it back down to Los Angeles tomorrow for a very quick trip (back on Wednesday.) R Man has a trial there and has to go be all Perry Mason and stuff. Urban Street Pirate and I are going along for moral support and to hang out together while R Man knocks his opponents' dicks in the dirt. I have the one day we're going to be there all planned out as a whirl of thrift stores. R Man tragically has never gotten the thrill of prowling through other people's crap, it's the only area we disagree on. So in all these trips to the Southland, I consistently point out the many fabulous looking junk stores and he speeds up.

This then is my perfect chance. With him distracted, the Pirate and I will sweep through castoff heaven. Here's part of the Yelp review of St. Vincent de Paul's there, described as the biggest thrift store in captivity:
Waste transfer station or thrift store? You decide! You'll find here splintered and damaged particle board furniture, rows of used mattresses, broken and irregular chairs, all sorts of soiled and damaged sundry bric-a-brac that look like they were Goodwill discards. I recommend donning a Tyvek body suit to avoid picking up any bed-bugs on your clothes. Be sure to check out the awesome collection of post apocalyptic Katrina Cars and derelict boats in the back parking lot!

It sounds too fabulous for words. And Bed Bugs? What kind of pussy wrote this? I've been in second hand stores where you needed to be concerned about picking up scurvy and typhus; a few measly vermin aren't about to scare me off. And it's not all about scoring a find. One of my favorite things about junking is to diss the store, in fact, I have used the phrase "Goodwuil discards" myself. Gleefully.

Plus, excellent sounding Mexican food downtown for dinner Tuesday after a hard day shaking the racks of thrift stores throughout the metro area. I can't wait.

Watch for reports of developments as they occur.


  1. i love thrift stores!!! why pay full price when there are treasures waiting to be had. something you didn't know you needed!

  2. I am SO jeoulous that you and USP will be thrifing without me (and this was a side of his personality he's been keeping from me. Spank him please.) But I found you a fab (I think) b-day gift at a thrift store in Albujersey last week. . .

  3. oh wow
    Screw Disney Land....I want to go to this St. Vincent de Paul's fantasy land!

    Have fun.

    And, hey, look for my car while you're there.
    It's the gray one with the soggy upholstery. I'm sure you'll find it.

  4. In my mind, LA thrift stores would be full of Pola Negri's castoff toques, undergarments monogrammed "MM", "JC", and "BD", lots and lots of cocktail dresses from Paramount, RKO, and MGM stock, and, from the description of your destination, perhaps a Hispano-Suiza or two.

    Which is probably why it's better I'm not tagging along; disillusionment is never pretty...

  5. Miss J is quite jealous and not a little peeved that Mr. P will be in town again and she still has not met him in the person! She really wants to give out a good scratchin' but lacks an innocent by-stander.

    As for the thritin', Miss J prowled the shops on Saturday looking for costume items for her up-coming improvised soap opera, Avalon Terrace. She found a fabulous animal print top... all it needs is some mondo shoulder pads to elevate it to 80s soap status. This little treasure hunt would have been even better with Mr. P at her side...

    So have fun. And drive safely.


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