Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tag. Honest. Honest Tag. Whatever

Ray Ray over at the Messy American has tagged me with the Honest Blogger meme.  The point is to write 10 honest things about yourself.  Considering that in previous posts on this blog I have discussed a rough estimate of how many men I’ve had sex with and how eating asparagus makes my pee smell, I can’t imagine I could be accused of being less than forthcoming.  Still, I love tags so here we go with even more TMI from mrpeenee.


1)    Although I’m very fond of showtunes AND I’m gay (imagine,) I can’t stand Stephen Sondheim.  I think I would rather be chopped up into meatpies than listen to Sweeny Todd.  I do like his lyrics for Gypsy, of course.  After all, he rhymed “Schleppah” with “Miss Mazeppa.”  Respect must be paid for that, but I draw the line at Sunday in the Park with Whatever.


2)    I missed my mother’s funeral.  R Man and I were in Paris, I got a call from my sister-in-law the night before we were scheduled to leave and she told me my mother had died and my father had scheduled the funeral for the next day, in the morning. Frantic calls to several airlines were useless, I couldn’t get to Houston in time. Fifteen years later do I still resent it, that they couldn’t wait one day until I could get home?  Yes, oddly enough, I do.  I also still resent what hostile, sourpuss old trouts the ticket agents at De Gaulle airport were, but you have to sort of expect that.  It’s Paris.


3)    I am a very picky eater, something I didn’t even realize about myself until my late 20’s.  Love cooked onions, but hate them raw; I only eat nuts by themselves, not as an ingredient in something.  And yet, I love odd foods like liver, sweetbreads, kidneys (Mmm, offal!) and beets and lentils.


4)    I’m still embarrassed that I got kicked out of the University of Texas for being such a slacker.  It’s goes to show you, there is such a thing as too much of a good time.


5)    I had to stop drinking liquor because I couldn’t do it in anything like moderation.  I would start and not stop until I was unable to hit my mouth with the glass.  So I just stopped.  Boom.  No more for me, I’ll pass.


6)    I get bored making lists like this.


7)    My passion for porn and thrift stores continues unabated, even as I run out of room for more smut and more crap.


8)    I have two older brothers about whom I almost never write in this blog.  We’re fond enough of one other, but not really important in each other’s lives.


9)    I was wild about playing with my friend Stephanie’s vast collection of Barbie dolls when I was 10 years old.


10) I have very large, very pretty feet.  I know this because a number of people interested in things like that have assured me so.

 I'm supposed to pass this meme along, of course, like some social disease.  I choose Jason, Muscato, TJB and Miss Janey



  1. "I'm supposed to pass this meme along, of course, like some social disease."

    Saying that tagging people for a meme is like passing on a social disease is the funniest and truest thing I have heard in long, long time.

    And "Schleppah" and "Miss Mazeppa" is a genius Sondheim rhyme. But my favorite of his is still the rhyming of "personable" with "coercin' a bull." That makes me smile every time I hear it.

  2. Consider this my gift of a social disease.

  3. done...
    too bad the best stuff I have to leave out

  4. Regarding #4: Those good times brought us together. And I'm the one who supports your thrifing habit. And beets. Need I say more?

  5. So you're saying you're a bad influence? What else is new?

  6. Damn. WTF w/ the fam not changing the funeral??? Miss J would hold a lifetime grudge for that.

  7. Mr. P, Miss J has finished her 10 Honest Things.


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