Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mirrors and Redheads

I mentioned awhile ago that I had bought a lovely new mirror for our front hall. Bow down before it, bitches.

I need to remember to refer to the hall as the "foyer." The mirror seems to demand it.

Also crying out for attention is this photo from Jason's tumblr site, Goldenfleecing.
I'm shocked the poor, misguided thing would leave something like this lying around, knowing how vulnerable I am to gingers and that this kind of pulchritude could give a delicate creature such as myself palpitations. I'm not as young as I used to be, you know. I love the heroic backdrop as well as his lovely plump bits.


  1. You know I love anything that's nicely gilded.

  2. Mirror, mirror, on the wall..
    Who is the Queen of cell block D?
    That would be you, dear...
    In case you hadn't noticed.

    And I think that it's awfully foolish of jason to leave a trail of Graham cracker crumbs leading back to his stash of Gingers....

    et cetera

  3. opulence! eleganza extravaganza! you own everything!

    sorry,...o.d.'ing on the drag race.

    do remember when referring to your hall as a foyer that is properly pronounced "foy-yay" and not...well, foyer.

  4. Oh, darling, it's fabulous! And the mirror is, too.

  5. Curtseys at mirror, but only if it's a beveled edged one.

  6. Kevin has already covered what I intended to say.

    See to it that I never hear any of you pronounce the "r" in foyer.

  7. red heads and mirrors, have you been reading kabuki's mail? Its almost like we are person. only existing in two smokin' hot bodies. peculiar.

  8. I've got mirror jealousy! And don't get me started on the ginger...


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