Monday, June 27, 2011


Kitchen, before

Kitchen, during. Hopefully.
I decided to wrap up Gay Pride Week by renovating my kitchen. That's gay, right? Actually, the timing was my contractor's idea; he shows up when it's your turn in his schedule and you had better take it when you can get it.

So he blew in this morning and ripped everything out. Saki is not feeling the love about strangers banging around in his house and resents being locked in one room away from the action and temptingly open doors, even if it is the room he would be hiding in anyway.

I'm just replacing the counters, tiling the backsplash and having the cabinets stripped and re-stained. No new cabinets, no new floors, no new appliances. Still the whole thing will take the better part of a month which means on top of all the other "no's," no kitchen. The big holdup are the countertops. I'm having them made from the scraps left over from when they cut new granite counters. They grind up the scraps and mix it with resin and cast some obnoxiously eco-hip material. Apparently, it is then hand-polished by blind nuns who have taken vows of cabinetry, at least if the price is any indication.

Anyway, after today's demo there's a gap of a couple of weeks while it's being poured and set, so no kitchen for mrpeenee until the middle of July. Think Bastille Day. Already I hate living La Vida Sans Cochina. I had to empty all the cabinets and drawers last night and carefully set aside a bag of snack products to live on, which I promptly lost in the chaos.
I assume Saki and I will be fighting over the cat food soon.


  1. Goodness!
    It's like Grey Gardens up in there.

    Anyway, I'm hoping you're not succumbing to the HGTV promoted "granite countertop" fetish that so many people seem to have.

  2. Certainly NOT. This winds up looking much more sleek and not granite-y at all. It's just using up the waste products from all the HGTV stuff.

    I accept your apology.

  3. If you MUST live a la Grey Gardens, here are some helpful fashion tips from Little Edie.

  4. well thank goodness!
    Anyway it already looks better than most kitchens on tv now.

    Granite counter fetishization is a plague that must be stopped!

  5. i was looking at a similar product that was made up of ground-up nuns. It was silly expensive, and you had to clean it with holy water. I am sure I will end up with the 80 dollar Lowes special. Anyway, tis the season for outdoor bbq. Fire up the grill, then call someone to come over and cook something for you. Surely you admit that you deserve it.

  6. >blind nuns who have taken vows of cabinetry<


  7. Honey, Saki is in the safe place . . . where I would be too.

    And granite is so last Tuesday; of course you wouldn't be using that.

    Can't wait to be cooking with you!

  8. that chair i spy thru the doorway, i love it.

  9. "Granite counter fetishization is a plague that must be stopped!"

    I couldn't agree more! One day the Earth will be depleted of all it's granite resources and all those HGTV kitchens will be to blame. Then the Earth will have to spend another 20 billion years making more granite when the trend comes back around again.

    I'm of the mind that charm is in the period details.

    That said, I love the green approach that you are taking Peenee.

    HGTV is bad ecology.

    It makes me hate what my kitchen is wearing and buy things that it doesn't need.

  10. It looks lovely Peenee and the before picture reminds me of the council flat I once shared with a friend of mine (Darren) before we got evicted.

    I was thinking about having granite worktops fitted in my kitchen after watching the television advert, they make them to go over your existing worktops. I thought white with little specs of silver would look quite nice, the Marilyn Monroe of the kitchen worktop world. but if it's going to end up looking tacky like the artex craze of the 80's I'll not bother.

  11. Kitchen?! That's the big metal box of hot burner thingies room?

    :: Queen of the microwave ::

  12. Please remember to inspect the new countertops carefully when they are delivered. In their ecstasy, the blind nuns have been known to miss a few spots (vows of cabinetry notwithstanding).

  13. Change is good. A new kitchen even better!

    I agree about the granite counter/undermounted sink phenomenon. It's so last decade. A requiem for brainwashed consumers.

  14. Granite counter tops. Honestly, white people just crack me up sometimes. I too like your eco approach, using the unwanted parts of the granite pelts. But I also would sacrifice a lesser important body part to have you 'old kitchen'.

    btw, I'll tile your backsplash you rascal.

    wv- 'plownmen' sexpig circus clowns?


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