Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sure, It's Easy to Mock the Elderly

For the last two days, I have forgotten the phone number to call in to listen to my voice mail on my landline. It's not listed in directory assistance (does that make sense?), I was always too lazy to program it in to speed dial and I did not have it written down anywhere; I had always relied on my hand remembering how to dial it, but on Tuesday night suddenly my hand rebelled. Stupid hand. I knew it had something to do with a 3, a 4, and a bunch zeroes so I kept trying different combinations. Turns out the receptionist at some law firm with a number very close to Voicemail Central was very nice; certainly nicer than I would have been when I stumbled across her three times in ten minutes. Eventually, I would give up and sullenly go back to looking at pictures of attractive young men. Sample provided.

And then, a few minutes ago, the fog lifted and suddenly I remembered the number, effortlessly. I called in and found out I had four messages waiting, only one of which I was actually interested in. I don't even know why I have a phone.


  1. Your hand was most likely exhausted from "looking at pictures of attractive young men".....
    Keep the phone, there are happy calls a'coming
    Write down the number dear.

  2. the handset of your phone can be used to beat jehovah's witnesses about the head and shoulders. kabuki canned the landline on the last move, and it has been a pain in the ass going without. damned if you do...

  3. Attractive young man surfing is much more interesting than checking message bank... Prioritize I say...

  4. Hire the young man in the photo as your personal assistant and he can take your calls.

  5. This blog is totally gay. Well done. But hey fellah, don't get the wrong idea.


  6. Same thing happened to my with my cash card pin number.. when the fog lifted I raced to the ATM and withdrew lots of money just in case it were to happen again.


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