Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sunday Plans

A dear friend is going through a rough time, another and I haven't connected in far too long, and Super Agent Fred is always up for a good time, so the obvious answer is Sunday Brunch and then possibly shopping at Gump's.  Gay?  Why do you ask?

We're headed off for a swank little boite in an odd part of downtown.  Since making the reservation on Tuesday, they have called me twice and sent me two emails less about confirming our party and more like badgering me.   I suspect that were we to not turn up they would track us down with bloodhounds.  Still, it sounds like a sweet  place and one of the drinks they feature on their brunch menu is the Mary Pickford: white rum, pineapple gum, lime, grenadine and maraska.  I have no idea what maraska might be and I'm fervently hoping "pineapple gum" is a typo, but I'm planning on swilling it down and will report later, if the vicodin holds out.  I figure it it's good enough for America's Sweetheart to knock back, how bad can it be?

Also, speaking of The Gay Life, here:


  1. How much fun is all that! Our part of the world is more or less brunch central, but at the moment our crowd consists of a shocking number of vegetarians, teetotalers (and for moral reasons, not 'cause they're pals o' Bill), and parents of small children (shocking conditions, all three, and disastrous for a vigorous social life), so we partake far too infrequently.

    The one time I've been to Gump's, I realized that Philadelphia and Wanamakers were both far less stylish than I'd been raised to believe. I suppose that's still the case, although alas Wanamaker's is as dead as the dodo...

  2. Pickfords or bloodhounds.
    Obvious choice.

  3. So full, so round, so nicely packed...

  4. I await details via email.

  5. I think a Mary Pickford should make almost anything right. If not then order a Douglas Fairbanks or a Pickfair. If that fails order a strong Errol Flynn.

  6. America's Sweetheart...who was CANADIAN.

  7. Buns you could bounce a dime off. . .!

    Mr. P., let me introduce you to a wonderful thing known as Google. A search on this amazing tool unearthed the fact that "pineapple gum" is a pineapple-infused simple syrup that uses gum arabic as an emulsifier. "Maraska" is a maraschino-cherry liqueur from Croatia.

    That said, I hope the drink is far more successful than the movie studio Mary helped found -- United Artists. The name has survived for decades on nothing more than contractual ties with the James Bond movies!

  8. you're a good friend, Mr. P. Hope you enjoy your fancy drinks and Gumps. Sounds perfect.

  9. You will always be my America's Sweetheart. No one can take that from me. no one.


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