Monday, July 16, 2012

Get to Work, Slacker

Now I understand why MJ includes all those bitchy, nagging, hectoring posts leading up to her contests, it's because you lazy slags will not follow a few simple instructions.  To wit: find some photo  of your drag self and send it, along with your drag name and your big number, to mr pee nee at  (take the spaces out, silly.) by July 24 in order to participate in our anniversary virtual drag show.

Is that asking too much bitches?  So far, only Jason and anonymous,too have come across and mummy is starting to feel a teensy bit annoyed, so get on it.  Do not think that I will fail to replace you with some  deluded queen with plump tits mincing about dressed like a bird to the swelling strains of Tosca because I will if I have to.  Although she does seem like she could be some serious high maintenance.


  1. You have just described my whole number.... bitch!

  2. Deadlines ... what a bourgeoise concept ...

  3. Erm...okay then... I like a good concept.

  4. Someone is molting - how do you top that?

  5. Say now missy...I seem to recall not one but TWO COUNT'EM TWO emails to a certain hobo. You just get on now.

  6. There!
    Are ya happy now?

    My innermost secrets, revealed.....

    Kit & Caboodle

  7. why can't i go back to my house on your blog???

    bad form.


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