Thursday, March 14, 2013


I knew I needed to pay more attention to this whole getting-elected-pope thing, but how could I focus when those fussy old queeny cardinals were pissing on my last good nerve and then I got distracted looking up this redhead on the Night is Half Gone blog
Can you blame me?
Plus I got this extremely unsettling email from MJ over at Infomaniac:
Dearest Pope Peenee:

Would you do me the kindness of emailing a frontal photograph of your good self?  Not necessarily top to bottom (pun intended) but something with your face in view and not in profile.

I had several likenesses of you but when my computer crashed I lost them.

Not that I'm planning to Photoshop you or anything. *crosses fingers behind back*

Respectfully (again, with fingers crossed behind back*,

Mistress MJ

God almighty, I have a hard enough time sleeping at night with the fucking cat commandeering the best part of the mattress and now I keep peeking under the bed expecting MJ to pop up like that clown doll in Poltergeist.  Can you blame me?

Anyway, the old dears in the Vatican were adamant about no working from home.  They said if Yahoo can't do it, why should the pope.  So that was a non-starter for me right there.  I think they were just afraid I wouldn't share the Brazilian stripper/choir boys.

Actually, I would not have shared this.  Do I look crazy.  Don't answer that.
So, ok, fine, one more tiny little dream of mine, crushed.  If only I could comfort myself in that redhead's pits.


  1. As we know, life is not always about what we want. Its about what we get.

    1. what I want is a Brazilian stripper boy, what I've got is a small, mean cat.

    2. That's more than Pope Fanny's got. Jx

  2. kabuki laments your loss and will trade you 1 crazy cockatoo for one small mean cat. better yet, let us buy them their own house.

  3. my condolences on your losing the election.

    this redhead is absolute perfection.

  4. That redhead is better than a bunch of old queens wearing red dresses anyway...

  5. if you do not receive that red head as a consolation prize kabuki will start leaving communion wafers in unspeakable places. for you, my darling, kabuki does it all for you


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