Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's a Perfectly Good Word.

In an email to my finance guy and my realtor, I referred to the condition of the little love nest n New Orleans I'm trying to buy as "squalorous" and the fucking autocorrect function refused to recognize the word and kept trying to change it to "squalors" and is that even a word?  Are there multiples of squalor?  Is squalor ever used as a verb?  No, I think not.  And what kind of editing software has never heard of the word "squalorous" but is okay with "fucking?"  It's a pretty cool word, even if the chances of it coming up in Boggle are tiny.

I realize I have not been including any images of attractive, scantily clad young men, so here.


  1. Squalorous is a wonderful word and should be available to anyone without defaulting to auto-correct. Although I do think squalors is also admissible -- each instance of squalor being slightly different from all others, just like the nights of Passover.

  2. Hmm. I suppose. "I have known many squalors." OK.

    1. Although squalorous is a lovely word, isn't it? Squalorous squatters are to be avoided.

  3. I dunno.
    But he (up there) looks like he squalors anything....for the right price.

  4. A boy has to pay for fancy panties somehow.


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