Wednesday, October 11, 2023

In Which We Consider Catarrh and Possible Cannibalism


So when I got back from Houston a couple of weeks ago I had a raspy sore throat that has since morphed into a juicy little cough that will not go away.  In the past, whenever I have spoken to a doctor about some cough, they always ask, in the most delicate manner possible, if it is "productive" which is a refined way of referring to snot.  I could describe this one in detail, but let's just move on.

Houston is a semi-tropical swamp and so the mildew and spores and flora floating around in the air there are pretty spectacular.  Since I grew up with all of them, I had always assumed I was somewhat immune, but it appears having been gone so long means I have relapsed.  This current fuss feels like I have moss growing in my lungs. I don't feel bad, no fever, just a say-something croup that demands attention.  It's the kind of cough that makes you wish you had waited for the other elevator when your fellow passenger breaks out with it.


I mentioned before that I will occasionally take it on myself to organize the package closet downstairs in the lobby.  No one asked me to do it, but taking on the giant moraine of Amazon flotsam and jetsam that piles up there everyday just appeals to my OCD.  I like the sense of having tidied up something.

Last night I was digging through the current mess and ran across a box marked "nutritional supplements." It's San Francisco, of course some people here are not willing to simply eat food.  What I was struck by, though, was the name of the company manufacturing it: Soylent.  SOYLENT.  I can't decide if their marketing team is genius or idiotic.  Anyway since I had my marker out printing apartment numbers on the deliveries, I felt moved to add my comment:

Wouldn't you?

Guys who are deliciously people:

Spooky pussy.

Neil, from the aptly named porn geniuses Paragon Men.

Peek a boo, I see you.

Amazingly, I forget this guy's name.  That is just rank ingratitude.

Like the song says, "Everybody oughta have a maid...."

I haven't featured a cowboy in  a while and since I was complaining about Houston, it seemed appropriate.

Kissy face.

Presenting the charming Angelo Ruslan.

And the always welcome Philippe Soulier.


  1. We already knew you liked packages - and butt chops too.

    Since it's been a couple weeks since Houston, go see the doctor (said in my best nagging voice). Cough loudly. Insist that the doctor listens to your lungs. Throw a tantrum if needed.

    Anonymous, too

  2. Sweetie! I posted about soylent when I first read about it: surely this is a joke, I said. But you just proved me wrong.

  3. I was so astonished that the opportunity presented itself when I had a marker in my hand.

  4. Oh no! Soylent Green - it has become real. You did the right thing.
    I too have a cough right now, but it is the productive variety. I wish it would sod off - it's more clingy than Covid.

    1. It's so annoying when your lungs decide to have a mind of their own.

  5. I have had a lot of sinus problems this autumn. The post nasal drip is really getting to be a pain.

  6. Autumn is a shitshow of phlegmy diseases. It's almost as though the world's forgotten about the fact we only recently had a pandemic, and think that coughs and sneezes are OK again to share with fellow travellers... People are dirty bastards. Jx

    PS I could be very dirty with #4 and #8...


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