Wednesday, November 21, 2007


R Man came home on Friday and our computer there promptly crashed the next day, won't boot up and the repairs aren't scheduled until Monday, so no mrpeenee for a while.

He's doing very well, thanks to everyone's notes of concern and well wishing. We went for a walk in the Castro yesterday, it's amazing how quickly he's recuperating.


  1. oh no...
    but enjoy the both need it.

  2. Thank the goddess! I was just about to come out there to check on you two.

  3. SOOOO glad the man is doing well!

    In other news, Fabulon misses you---and so do I!

  4. Son't worry about the computer. Take care of your man!!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!! You both have a lot to be thankful for this year!! :)

  5. Doh! I meant "Don't" worry about the computer!! ;)

  6. maybe it's a blesing in disguise. spend a lot of time together without worrying about us. we know you'll be back as soon as you can.

    have a great thanksgiving!

  7. You two are fabulous. For one moment I read "we went for a walk in the castro" as "We went to the tubs."

    Which sounds theraputic as well. :) Either way, congratulations on the recovery.


  8. Glad he's home and recovering.

    "....we went for a walk in the Castro...." See! I told you, when I came back from Paris I'd still be living in Pittsburgh, while you'd still be living in SF and able to casually say, "we went for a walk in the Castro..." Sigh. In my silly salad days I used to work at Cliff's and go for drinks at what used to be The Elephant Walk. Oops! I think my age is showing!

  9. Your computer is still broken and my head is spinning. *POUT!*


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