Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sickroom News, Thursday

Astonishingly, the hospital is now talking about sending R Man home tomorrow, Friday, less than four days after his open heart surgery. The sole remaining benchmark he has to hit is to make a poop. You might want to remember this if you ever find yourself trapped in a hospital and want out: bowel movement equal get out of jail free card. I'm urging R Man to simply lie if nature fails to cooperate. Anything to get the hell out, although, I have to say, the nurses have all been terribly sweet. Yay nurses.

I went online this morning to try and find some information about what to do for recuperation after bypass surgery. While there is tons of info about the surgery itself and the immediate stay in the hospital following it, there's a real lack about what to do with the old dear once he gets home. I wound up reading the plot summary in Wikipedia about the Simpsons episode where Homer has a heart attack and Lisa coaches his doctor through the bypass surgery. Amusing, but not terribly helpful. Still, R Man is walking up and down the halls there like crazy mad and seems perfectly capable of coming home and lying around. Our fingers are crossed.


  1. lol you sure are comfortable with your partner's bowel movements.

    Tell him to drink a whole bottle of POM wonderful pomegranate juice. Works every time.

  2. hey mrpeenee,

    the biggest concern for r-man is now forcing his chest in any way that might either pull the stitches open or worse move the setting bones of his chest.

    that's one of the reasons for the poop drama. they'll be giving r-man stool softeners as part of his recovery treatment and that might be a little too much information but it's stuff you need to know.

    anyway, i'm no expert but i'll try to pass on any info i can that might be helpful. just ask.

  3. There's something slightly disturbing to reach a "certain age" where BMs are openly discussed, but, such is life.

  4. Please. It's already been established that Mr. P freely talks about his pee during dinner parties. There's nothing that's taboo to him! And horray for R and his overachiever status in recovery. I'll talk to my friend J who had the quintuple and see if he can pass along any advice.

  5. Well, having been at the bedside of four, post open heart surgeries...I've noticed with each on they rush the patients out. Nowadays it's like an assembly line...which is kind of disturbing.
    Sometimes I feel like they ought to keep them in there, just to be safe.
    But it's amazing how quickly they're up and about after such a trauma.

    I'm hoping he gets back home as soon as he wants.

  6. jason
    Thanks for your concern sweetie and I have to say it does seem awfully rushed, but R Man was so glad to get out and he's doing fine, so maybe it's ok.


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