Wednesday, November 7, 2007

That's Succor, not Sucker

O happy day. The Our Lady of Prompt Succor tee shirt has finally arrived and I'm giddy with clothing delight. Not only is there the smirky low humor aspect of wearing a shirt that proclaims Our Lady of Prompt Succor (so appropriate for me, always a lady whose succor knows no limitations) but also the unexpected bonus of the illustration.

When I ordered the shirt I saw there was some little drawing above the school's name, but I assumed it was some stupid bull dog. Imagine my thrill to discover it is Our Lady her very self, rendered as a flying, scrappy nun. I think of her as Sister Euphemia, the Fightin' Nun Now with Super Powers! Ready to kick the ass of Sectarian Evil Doers and Masturbators! As R Man pointed out, if your school team is called the Succors, you really need a tough mascot and what better than a dykey Mary, Mother o' Jebus? I only wish I had a big enough chest to do justice to the wonder of it all, but you work with what you got.


  1. Now every time I walk past the Ursulines convent I'll think of you. Right after I pee on those fabulous doors they have. BTW doesn't the house next door belong to Delta Burke?

  2. Wow...that's one hell rough looking bull Virgin there!

    Her anti-masturbatory super powers are working on me right now.

  3. If you want to see where mrpeenee and R Man used to live, look across the street from the convent and up about half a block towards Canal Street, in the next block up from the Beauregard Keyes house.

    There are two single story cottages on the corner and then a big two story brick house with a beat up balcony. That was us.

    Now it has a brass plaque on the front saying some bogus musician was born there when it seems it would be more pertinent to note my period of residency.

  4. Oh, I'm putting that on the Peenee tour.

    I've already made a pilgrimage to Jewel's.

    The healing waters were most soothing. I saw the Bull Virgin there in an apparition.


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