Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Lunch

Lawd, honey, lawd. A great Southern tradition is black eye peas and cabbage for dinner on New Year's Day, so we had a lunch party yesterday featuring those fart inducing classics, plus glazed ham, jalapeno cornbread muffins, sweet potatoes and a carrot cake. I made cole slaw for the cabbage part and our friend Bill showed up with a trifle featuring candied clementines, very fancy, so we didn't eat the carrot cake, which is now calling to me from the refrigerator. It was a menu that both of my grannies would have approved of and as I tucked into it, I gave up silent thanks to the old girls for inculcating a love of po' white delicacies in me.

Mmm. I gotta go, I have a carrot cake with my name on it to deal with.


  1. God bless those old girls indeed.

    My mother cooked the whole lot herself, and I stubbornly refused to eat any of it (having already eaten) You just know I'm calling disaster upon my own head, but at least I haven't farted all this new year.

  2. i think you have elevated gas passing to a higher level...

  3. J
    I don't know, sounds like you're just asking (or axin' as they say) for trouble. If I was hanging around toilets next to pistol packin thugs, I'd chow down on all the goodluck noshes I could get.

    higher level, lower level, just don't get down wind.

  4. My grandmother (all 4' 10" of her) used to cook the whole thing, greens and beans, etc, and it was et with some gusto. My mother, who hates cooking, decided that opening a can of black-eyed peas and forcing us all to eat ONE uncooked black-eyed pea, was at least covering those good-luck bases. But one uncooked canned pea seemed to me like asking for more trouble than it could solve (hello salmonella!). So I've let the custom lapse, and look at all the trouble I've had lately. Maybe I'd better start it up again......


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