Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lost: One Website

Doesn't there seem to be, as Miss Tim Gunn would say, A Lot of Look going on here? If you're posed naked with your ass poking at the camera, tarted up in your best Roy Rogers ensemble and the viewer's eye is distracted by your bibelot cabinet, perhaps you should consider restaging the shot.

Plus, I'm pretty sure Diane von Austinberg and I have picked over each and every one of those adorable crystal whatnots in various junk stores over the years. And discarded them.

And I am not about to consider whom he might be tipping his hat to outside those partially drawn blinds. Are his neighbors used to this or is he just friendly?

All of this is in way of a plea from mrpeenee. Somewhere there is a terribly amusing website that comments on photos, much like this, that they find on personal ads. I run across it every now and then and immediately forget its name. If you know what I'm talking about, please pass along the url. No shame will be attached to your ability to provide this, honest. I think it's something like "Regrettable Decors," but I'm not sure.

Thank you in advance.


  1. I know the site you’re thinking of but can’t remember the name.

    In the meantime, try Lurid Digs, baby!

    (Horrifying gay amateur interiors)

  2. p.s. Some time ago, I did a How Not to Decorate post you might enjoy.


  3. i was thinking lurid digs, too.

  4. Hi Peenee, I did a blog post yesterday with YOU in mind! Check it out if you have time! x

  5. If you find it, PLEASE let me know. I love those ads; the pictures are more telling than the text. Inevitably the mash up is something like "Straight acting MAN is interested in other straight acting men..." and then, in background is a window with frilly curtains, or Precious Moments figurines, or prissy antiques, etc.

  6. I just noticed that on Lurid Digs blogroll, Mean Dirty Pirate is listed as one of their “Lurid Friends”!


  7. Yes, yes, yes, I am a great friend of Lurid Digs and have contributed to the site in the past.

    I often take snaps of myself whilst tricking under squalid conditions. Then submit them to Lurid Digs for scathing commentary.

    One day my dream of becoming a Park Avenue Hooker will be realized!

  8. One day my dream of becoming a Park Avenue Hooker will be realized!

    It’s a long crawl up from the truck stops of Tallahassee!

  9. You said it sister! I’m still trying to crawl my way up TO the truck stops of Tallahassee.

  10. UGH! Exposed electrical cords. NEVER!

    Yeah, it's kinda hard to play dom top near the showcased crystal.

    I bet there's a Swarovski snowflake in the kitchen window. Just saying...

  11. We've also passed on that hat and the boots. But I'm not sure I've seen the big guns before. . .

  12. it's odd, how one can be nude and yet still have on too many accessories.

  13. ANd then there is the "Plastic" pot that the sickly plant is in. What this picture tells me is that the Cowboy Too-Tan is a bottom that can't decorate and likes cheap furniture. A china hutch with a mirrored back and plastic blinds? Oh bitch please!

  14. Nothin' worse than a tacky queen! I used to live with a gay American guy in Sydney that smoked heaps and was always burning cig holes in our furniture. It was horrible and he was cheap and tacky.

    We were in our 30's and our place looked like a college dorm. I breathed a sigh of relief when I was able to finally move out on my own, I was afraid he'd burn our tacky house down one day! blech!

  15. mrpeenee!

    The picture looks perfectly fine to me!



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