Sunday, October 18, 2009

On the Town with Peenee

So, once again, my lucky underpants did not let me down. Saturday was a lovely quiet day.
We started out with a vigorous round of Catch the Scrap of Paper with Saki. He won, he always does. I think he cheats. On the upside, I got through it with no flesh wounds. Yay.

R Man yakked it up with our Michigander friend Professor Puffy Pants. R Man was, as usual, very nicely turned out for a morning of not doing much.

We went over and snagged the Urban Street Pirate. This is some of the Pirate work. Candy Darling

and a self portrait, Tim the Baptist. Having talented friends is always a plus, I think.

I have fancy new shades. I have them because I am cool.

I mentioned our favorite restaurant, Chow, has finally reopened It's still as good as ever, thank heavens, but I made a terrible mistake by adventurously ordering egg foo yung for breakfast. Turned out a bad idea, made worse by the fact everybody else had deliciousness on their plates. Bastards.

We went on a grocery run at the latter day hippie, lesbian, communist, worker-owned collective, vegetarian Rainbow Grocery where an excessively earnest fellow shopper rebuked me for taking photos. He explained "The Whole Food people are always trying to steal their ideas." Sometimes it all I can do not to start slapping everyone in reach.

Carrots as proprietary information. Don't tell the vile Whole Foods, whatever you do.

Cherries on Folsom Street are blooming. In October. Who knew the End Times would be so attractive?


  1. Loverly.

    I often make the resolution that I will "turn myself out" even if just hanging out at home, but then i remember how much energy that takes.

    good for r man.

  2. I love that carrot picture!

    Cherry blossoms!

  3. " Sometimes it all I can do not to start slapping everyone in reach.”

    I suggest we go on a slapping spree together.

    But you’ll have to borrow one of R Man’s shirts because frankly, I can’t be seen with you in your idea of casual wear.

  4. R MAN is totally turned out with his shirting. I could have said "shirt" but that is so low class.

    LOVE this photo series of your day; it's inspired me. Blogging is sorta voyeurism via a keyboard. Sorta.

  5. Aside from being handsome, MR. P has the patience of a Saint. Miss J is QUITE sure she would have slapped the nosey grocery store interloper and thrown in a scratch or three for good measure.

  6. And when is USP going to have his catalogue together?? If he's looking for an editor. . .why, here I am!

  7. I'll never understand why people bitch at other people taking photos. Like it's illegal? Tsk.

    I *heart* Whole Foods because that's the only place I can find concord grapes.

  8. mrpeenee!

    I love those portraits!



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