Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi. Coo.

Over the years, I have occasionally tried my hand at writing haiku. When I've shared these gems with our dear friend Diane von austinburg, she has responded by pointing out these thoughtful and delicate works of genius so very frequently deal with my reluctance to get out of bed and go to work. “What” we ask “is your point?” Haiku are supposed to express an image of a season and an emotion. It just so happens that I am always willing to stay in bed, season in and season out, and for me, laziness is an emotion. So there.

haiku d'peenee:

Its a cold, hard world

But my bed is soft and warm.

You think thats a choice?

Cat says "wake up, pops".

Outside, the day lays waiting.

Blankets embrace me.

Houseboy Hermionus Strindberg demonstrates the proper Staying-in-Bed-Tiger-Lotus pose.


  1. I could certainly show him a "tiger-lotus" pose! Send him on over! :)

    P.S. Delightful haikus!

  2. Peenee writes haiku's
    Luxuriating in bed
    I say good for him

  3. Ya ain't gettin' high class on me are ya?

  4. My Haiku mostly turns out like Raku, a big old mess.

  5. Hand print on round butt
    Spread him open from behind
    He bites his pillow

  6. Put the crack pipe down, sweetie.

  7. that's a cue to get high indeed.


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