Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Never Say Die

Perhaps, those of you with a bent in that direction, of a certain age and with a fondness for feelthy pictures will remember the monoymous Bruno from Colt Studios, back more than thirty years ago in the Gay Dark Ages. Of course you do, he had the most beautiful chest hair ever visited on man by the gods. Here, maybe this will refresh your memory:
Somehow, during my recent research on economic platforms for marketing small businesses, I ran across a more recent snap of the old darling. What? It's the internet, it happens. And you know, he's still looking mighty, mighty fine.
The old roue.

Turn to mrpeenee for all your updates on the porn. Speaking of which, I would like to publicly thank the good folks over at because they are the best source for smut research going.


  1. hmmmm. Now that's a nice furry chest. And that bush is sorta hot too.

    Le sigh. Who started all this manscape bullshit anyways??? It's good to see old(er) porn stars too.

  2. God I love a hairy man. AND a bald hairy man! HATE the current trend of "manscaping" and slim, hairless legs....looks so prepubescent! Thank you Peenee!

  3. Oh yes, we fondly recall Mr. Bruno.

  4. Hello, Peenee.

    You missed me, didn't you?

  5. He may hate (or love) me for saying this, but I see a startling resemblance to R-man here. Not that I've seen anything below the belt. . .

  6. MJ
    Mmmmaybe. Did you really share a room with Amy Winehouse? Was she filthy?

    D, darling,
    Of course.

  7. Used to see him all the time in Fire Island Pines in the 70s. Fun times.

  8. Daddy!

    I was really glad to see this. You know so many of the gay "stars" of yesteryear are gone. So seeing Bruno made my day - and he looks GREAT!

    These men - like Bruno, Mickey Squires, Mike Betts and Al Parker - were STARS. They were larger than life. A whole generation of men aspired to be them. And when they kissed or fucked it was something.

    Now you get "performers" who are on screen because they have huge dicks (and don't know how to use them) or a pretty face or both just going through the motions. Worse, you get men who are "TOPS" who would never take a dick in their mouths - boring. If you've seen Ricky Sinz fuck one guy, then you've seen his entire repertoire.

    I mean when you see Al Parker sucking dick, you can say to yourself "that is a man who idolizes dick." Never a piston nob job.

    OK, I'm getting off my soap box. My knees are so bad I couldn't do a glory hole if there were any left.

  9. Being a "child" of West Hollywood in the 70's I would see him around town often, it was a tighter village back then. Did I say "tighter"?

  10. Hirsuit is in. I've seen "Bruno" on the warm sands of Miami Beach. I was tempted to approach him, but resisted. I understand he's humble and doesn't like to talk about his porn career or what he meant to so many of us budding queens. Still, I've been carrying on with him (or images of him) since the 1970's; in a way it seems odd that he doesn't even recognize my dick.


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