Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flowers and macancheese

R Man's sister (the good one) came out to visit this last week and was wonderful. She helped out, took him to the doctor, made soup; in short, a real jewel.

Part of the visit was a lunch party with some old friends while she was here. I picked a bunch of flowers from the yard, which was gratifying.
I made a ham and the most fabulous macaroni and cheese. I would have saved you some, but I ate it all. Yummy


  1. Well, you'll just have to make some more, won't you?
    Beautiful flowers by the way.

  2. Are those pansies? (teehee)

  3. That was me.

    My name is not URL.

  4. Miss J isn't sure what she's more jealous of- the array of blooms or the make & cheese and HAM.

  5. if kabuki had remembered that you make macaroni and cheese kabuki would be living under your porch. yum. next time save a bite for moi. merci

  6. Totally grooving on your new blog template; lurve the hot pink/oranges and general 'feel the love' vibe.

    Also totes jealous that you can just snip flowers from the garden like that.

    Mac & cheese rules.

  7. Most excellent.

    BTW, answer your emails!

  8. Does Saki ever nibble on your cooking?


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