Saturday, June 26, 2010

Win Some, Lose Some

Did I forget to post anything over the last week? O my gosh, how embarrassing. It must be my life as a trannie secret agent pirate is so absorbing I just forgot.

R Man is doing much better with his silly old cancer. He had his last round of chemo yesterday and we should know in about four weeks how effective it all has been. I certainly hope it's been worth it. We had three fights in one day last week about his not eating; I pointed out, vigorously, swallowing Vicodin does not constitute eating. Am I right or am I right? Anyway, he's in better spirits and somewhat more energy than then. He has chemo-induced anemia and with it, no energy and no appetite, but starting on Tuesday, he's felt much better and eating much, much more. He still only weighs about the same as a plump 12 year old girl, but he had seconds on the split pea soup the other night, so yay.

It was rather delicious soup, I must say. I'd made a ham last weekend and saved the rind so I boiled the hell out of the rind in chicken stock to make a base for the soup, fished out the now icky residue and dumped in the split peas (yellow, because they're more dainty.) With chunks of left over ham diced into it, it was some tasty.

About a year ago I went looking for a Night Blooming Cereus. They have the most spectacular scent known to man: heady and sweet without being cloying. One of them blooming in a backyard can perfume a whole neighborhood. Plenty of people raise them outside in pots, bring them in when the flowers get ready to open and have a party for all their friends to smell it. Surely you've been invited over to smell somebody's cereus.

Anyway, the one I snagged was sturdy and I was thrilled when it swelled with two big ass blooms that opened this week. They're stunning, but a) they're pink, which I had never heard of in a cereus and b) they have NO SCENT. Motherfuckers. I'm trying to hide my disappointment from the blossoms, cause I don't want them to feel bad, but damn.


  1. well, if anything can get a man to eat it's peenee.

    sorry...what I mean is it seems to be a constant parade of banana pudding and cherries and corn salads and all sorts of delicious things around chez peenee.
    So, I'm hoping you'll get your R-man up to a good healthy weight soon. Fingers crossed.

    And is that what that flower is called? I never knew. I passed an old chain link fence just full of them the other day in the hood. They're beautiful.

  2. oh, on second look...that's not it at all. I think it's a passion flower I must be seeing.

  3. “vigorously, swallowing Vicodin does not constitute eating.”

    Says who? All my stripper friends swear it.

    I would like to weigh about as much as a 12-year-old girl but that is a dream and a nervous breakdown away. So I wait for the plump girl to leave my mirror. Go on git, fat girl.

    I’ve never heard of a blooming Cereus either? I hope it’s not contagious. But if the blooms induce a hallucinogenic state then I’m all for the party.

    Here’s to R-man’s speedy recovery.


  4. Glad to hear R Man's perk is a little perkier of late. As a child I would rather have sewn my lips shut than eat pea soup. (This is all despite the fact that I had never eve tasted it.) Then about 5 years ago, aged 40, I thought that the hell, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and tasted it. Holy moley, delicious!

  5. Andrew! How nice to see you back.

  6. Surely you can't be cereus!

    My love to R Man. Et vous, of course...

  7. By the way, did you guys ever open your presents? Hmm???

  8. Oh Thom, somebody had to say that and I'm glad it was you and not me!

    Hooray for the chemo being over at last; keep on cooking until I get there and take over the kitchen. Or at least act as sous chef.

  9. I'm late to the party but glad to read that RMan is gett his yen for food back up to snuff. And yes - unless you are Liz Taylor a Vicodin is not not a maincourse.

    Have you looked into Medical Pot?

    My neighbor ladies - the ones who get together and get stoned and then play bridge to all hours of the night (no one can remember who bid which suit because they are all high as kites) all have these Night Blooming Cerise plants and they all want us to come and take a clipping. Now theirs are deep RED and smell wonderful.

    Well hugs to you Peenee - and are you taking care of yourself?

  10. Gdamn that soup sounds good, Mr. P. Glad to hear RMan is eating anyway.

  11. 1. LOVE the new blog design, HOT PINK suits you!

    2. HATE when that happens, stupid flower. You wait all that time, anxiously looking at sprouts, buds only to find the blossom has no scent?! WTF?

    3. Last and certainly not least, SO GLAD R Man is feeling better. ANd how nice that his sister came out to help. (did she clean the bathroom too?) I still have a piece of ham in the freezer from Christmas...wonder if it's any good?

    Take care darling! x

  12. "Surely you've been invited over to smell somebody's cereus."

    Here in SoCal we're such a car culture that my only invitation was to come over and smell someones Prius.

    Pea soup-Yum.


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