Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fun with Blogs

Those of you who dropped by over the last few days may have noticed I went all crazy and stuff and replaced the tasteful background I had been using here with one that was a picture of me and R Man that had been run through a warholizer.
I decided it had to go cause it was giving me a headache, but by then I had lost the picture of the fern frond and since I was too lazy to go all the way out in the yard and take another one, we are now featuring our lovely, lovely Datura Brugmansia. Revel in it, because I am also too lazy to change it for a while.

That's just how it goes in Gaylandia. Leave a mo to his own devices long enough and redecorating is bound to happen.


  1. it's good to move the furniture around.

  2. Exactly. Now if I can just get the damn carpet and drapes to match.

  3. Our "lovely, lovely Datura Brugmansia"
    Isn't that one of your houseboys?

  4. I don't seem to have any problem navigating the new layout....
    Must be all that "advice", I received from all those sailors....

  5. I spied the lovely Mr P at Chow on Saturday, the last day of my visit from Bonnie Scotland. Alas, I was too star struck to say hello!


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