Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Movable Feast

Don't mind me sweetie, I'm cooking, Thanksgiving dinner to be precise, and you know how slightly psycho I get when in my hash-slinging modus. It's true, the total kitchen bitch. Fortunately I am here all alone so no one has to put up with my shrieking and cursing. Even Saki has been exiled to one of the bedrooms upstairs, aka Cat Jail.

We're leaving tomorrow to drive down the coast to Big Sur for a few days and since I suspect the kitchen in the cabin we've rented is rudimentary, I thought it would be smart to get the cooking out of the way. Plus I don't want to share my madness with the friends I'm going with.

So now I've roasted a boneless turkey breast with a French garnish under the skin

My recreation of my grandmother's cornbread dressing, because I am as big a Southern girl at heart as Paula Dean.

Speaking of the Queen of Grease Refinement, I also have gravy. But of course. Smooth as silk, but much, much tastier.

The beautiful, beautiful Cranberry Apricot Ginger Chutney.

And Vicodin.
The vicodin is especially handy since I clumsily tangled with the handle of the roasting pan while getting it out of the oven. Ouchywow.

We had a planning meeting last weekend for this trip and I have to say, I'm looking forward to it immensely. Food, hanging around, card games, maybe hiking, if I'm not too lazy, woo to the hoo, in short, even if we aren't able to share it with Diane von Austinburg. Rats.

Although we will technicaly be at the beach, I do not expect any of this.
Tragic, I know.


  1. You never know your luck! There may well be a beach festooned with beefcake!
    Have a lovely trip. That chutney looks delicious... along with everything else....

  2. I weep.

    In general, but also because your cornbread dressing is so damn good and I'm not getting any.

  3. Everything looks so good...
    Have a lovely trip (Both the ride and the vicodin).

  4. Color me jellus. You had me at 'chutney.' Enjoy the holiday and the getaway with friends!

  5. Pray tell what is French garnish? Will you share...?

    Looks yummy, sounds like fun and hope you had a great time.

  6. I am thankful to know you, Mr.P!

  7. Stephen
    How very sweet, you old sweetie, you. Backacha

    The French garnish (or stuffing) I use is parsley, shallots and savory, minced fine, sauteed and then shoved under the skin of the bird before roasting it. Guaranteed delicious.

  8. oooh thanks!

    So simple, will try soon.

  9. I wish you would invent Smell-O-Vision already.

    *Waltzes in, scoops up last bits of cornbread dressing, washes down with Vicodin Chutney.

  10. never saw this post because i was busy destroying a turkey breast in a slow cooker.


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