Monday, October 22, 2012

You Know, Halloween's Coming

I understand this story is not funny, it is, in fact, tragic on many levels.  And yet, because I have the same sense of humor I had in junior high, I cannot helped being amused by the many odd, odd elements of it.

To wit: two naked, gay, Wiccans (and doesn't that sound like a bad joke your uncle would tell?  Two naked gay Wiccans walk into a bar....) in a nasty little burg near here called Vallejo apparently went off their meds, killed their pet duck, busted out the windows of their own cars, set their house on fire and then one of them pulled a rifle on responding police officers and was shot dead.


Oh, also, our crack local media outlet reports "The slain man had a collection of 400 fluorescent lightbulbs in a shed in the backyard."  Cause, you know, we need to know that.

Again, I understand some poor sick man was so tormented by his own demons he wound up dead.  Not funny.

The pet duck and the fluorescent lightbulbs, on the other hand, almost funny.  Sort of funny.

OK, I'm ashamed.

Here, eye candy:


  1. Wiccans substituting bath salts as "eye of newt" again, it sounds like.

    1. Really, any news story containing "Wiccan" is probably not going to end well. The naked part was just a sordid thrill.

  2. nothing to be ashamed about.

    this news story is precisely why i visit!

  3. Having known a few ducks who were full of character -- and real characters in their own right -- I mourn the loss of this misguided, possibly psychotic, couple's pet duck.

    And Wiccans aren't all bad. Just the psychotic ones who go off their medications. Otherwise, the only real difference between a naked Wiccan and a naked (fill-in-the-blank) is that the Wiccan gets to attend worship services while naked! (Try doing that at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt or the First Baptist Church of Little Rock.)

  4. Vallejo: it figures. Could have just as easily been Hayward.

    Poor duck.

    1. Could just as easily been Baytown. Especially the duck part.

  5. Not only is Halloween coming.... but i think the eye candy will soon be on his way too... if he keeps going that is.....


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