Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This Just In:

mrpeenee is just the teensiest bit drunk.  We went out tonight with friends to see the one man show of Leslie Jordan, who is, as a side note, like mrpeenee also a 57 year old big sissy from the South, so a lot of his stories resonated, except for the ones about doing speed fueled drag as a teenager.   Still, it was pretty amusing.

The show required a two-drink-minimum, so I had a couple of Cosmos, because I am a Lady, and they were tasty, tasty, tasty, but STRONG.  So I'm a little drunk.

Back in the day, mrpeeenee was a Big Mess.  A Big Drunk Mess.  As loaded as I am at this moment was merely a brief stop on the Big Drunk Mess Line; it was the I Think I'll Have Another Pitcher of Margaritas stop.  So very much not happy times.  Let me just say how very glad I am to no longer be on that sloppy train.  Plus typing is hard when ones fingers seem slightly unconnected.

Instead, muscle pussy:


  1. Oh, lord. Been there, done that. A few years back I sat down and had a little chat with myself, the gist of which was that is was either time to go full-bore alkie or cut back. I went for the latter, since I do enjoy a cocktail and would one or two.

    Since then, I've had the added bonus of getting old, which has had the positive side-effect of making my irretrievably sleepy and even less fun than usual after more than two glasses of wine.

    So I'm not yet a teetotaler, but for all the good it does me might as well be...

    1. It's amazing how much less I can handle: two drinks? Two girldrink drinks? That's all it takes? What a light weight. On the other hand, I am plenty happy to be off the Boozehound Express.

    2. Reading mine above, you'd think I'd had a couple. Alas, no - just cold meds. Please pardon the syntax of sniffler...

  2. So jealous, Love Her, she is just too funny!


  3. Wow...your life is exactly the plot of a Sex in the City Episode, isn't it? Right down to the cosmos, the 57 year olds doing speed-drag, and muscle pussies.

  4. Leslie Jordan is pictured on my Deck Your Balls event post…of which you still haven’t submitted your photo(s) and TODAY is the deadline.

    Obviously you are too wasted to participate.

  5. Good for you Gurl.... T'is the season to be jolly anyway...

  6. I suspected for quite some time now that I am an alcoholic, but my bartender disagrees.

    For some reason a crew of people around these parts met Del Shores in New Orleans and persuaded him to come to Pensacola. We're best friends now. Best friends in the sense that I met him. Leslie Jordan is also on my Christmas card list.

    I need another drink. The illusion is wearing off.

  7. Honey, they may be girldrinks to you, but they're basically just a pink martini . . . and martinis spell trouble. That's why I stick to wine.

  8. I was never a party child. My inner introvert would never allow it. And my mother raised me to never go into a bar by myself. To this day I still couldn't do it, if I tried.


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