Friday, August 25, 2023

In Which We Don't Do Much


I retired 11 years ago.  That very idea makes me want to go lie down.  Retirement is a sweet, sweet life; I recommend it highly.  One of my favorite things about it was that I discovered I like to sleep during the day and stay up all night.  My friends call it the Rock and Roll Vampire lifestyle.  I typically go to bed about 6:00 a.m. and stagger into consciousness about 3:00 p.m.  It works for me.

An excellent part of being both Rock and Roll and Vampire is that when I can't sleep (like this morning,) I can get up and go do something unlike the poor schmoes who have to sleep at night who can only lie in the dark trying to force themselves to fall asleep.

So this morning after 3 hours of not sleeping I gave up and trotted across the street to the charming Wooden Spoon cafe for breakfast.

Mmmmm, eggs benedict, a sure cure for insomnia

Then I made a pass through Thoroughbread Bakery (it's right around the corner,which is yet another advantage of big city living) for a bag full of pastry goodies, came home, took a shower, and now I'm ready to take another crack at snoozing.

mrpeenee, Secret Agent Fred, and the lovely Diane von Austinburg.  Riff raff loose on the streets.

Before I fall into the arms of Morpheus, I just want to mention what a lovely time I had last week with Diane von Austinburg here in town.  We ate and cooked and ate and cooked.  That's pretty much a summary of our visit. Diane is so sweet to put up with my odd sleeping schedule and other crotchets.  She blows into town and I immediately announce "Delighted to have you here, see ya the next time I wake up." And she tolerates it. That's a good friend for you.  

We also squeezed in a matinee of the Barbie movie. I liked it a lot, it was witty and breezy and pink.  Very pink.  I don't understand the people who have been wailing and whining about it being "anti-man." They must be incredibly fragile for that to be the takeaway.  Buck up, girlene, that's what I say.

Men who may be pink but are certainly not fragile:

Goodness, but I do love a pretty boy

Pretty Boy, part 2, the always lovely Link Benedict of Colt Studios, aka Steve Cort, as well as a bunch of other nom de smut.

I'm pretty sure this is Blake Clunes, I'd recognize that ass anywhere.

I don't know, just some random muscle pussy from Colt.


Speaking of pretty boys, Tom Chase and his extra large largeness.

If you're giggling because you got butt juice on my good chair, you are going to be in SO MUCH TROUBLE.

I forget this guy's name.  Let us simply refer to him as "daddy."

I like that line-up of rubber duckys looking up at him in awe.

I know I was sort of short on booty shots today, but here is one to make up for that.


  1. Oh man I cannot wait to retire. I have a ways to go yet. This job thing just really gets in the way of life. And boy it just occurred to me how much you look like Daddy Warbucks. The guy that I well......huh.... are you sure you don't have a long lost brother?

    1. Really? I had 3 brothers and they were plenty, believe me.

  2. I don't want to retire, I love my peoples too much.

  3. Funny, I don't see Riff Raff in that second photo. Maybe he was off in the far background, dancing with Magenta. (BTW, you've got a nice selection of butt chops in the photos below Riff Raff's.)

    1. Looking back I see there ARE plenty of butt shots. I retract my apology for a lack thereof.

  4. I wish I could afford to retire, but I'd need a lottery win... Jx

    PS Good to see the legendary Secret Agent Fred and the lovely Diane von Austinburg at last!

    PPS Meats #1, #5 and #7 for me, please...

    1. R Man insisted we invest in stock plan as soon as we both got hired by the government and it paid off.

  5. Figured you were a night owl. My husband was. He would get in bed at three in the morning after spending the night surfing the web looking at artist male nude photos.

    I am usually up between 4 and 5am daily. I go out and wake the worms up.

  6. I too am up around 4 and 5 am, but I'm headed down instead of up.

  7. I wish I was a night owl, but no, I get up just before you go to bed.
    I am sort of retired, it's difficult to say as I never really worked much in the first place - well, not for money. Time is worth more than money.

  8. Sleep? What is sleep? (I'm an insomniac.)

  9. It seems the life of a retired rock & roll vampire is not to be sniffed at. Only, I wouldn't have eggs benedict for breakfast, just the pastries.

    P.S. What's that in the middle of Diane von Austinburg's pendant? A young Alien?

  10. #4 -Bel homme Éric Valentin de Colt Studio.
    Éric a joué dans un film de baise avec Jasper van Dean née Vasili Sherklov.
    Autres films pour Colt avec Mitch Branson, avec Carlo Masi, et ménage à trois avec Gage Weston et Adam Champ. Éric également réalise un film pour Citebur studio dans lequel il à été soumis à une baise intense par un Ouest Africain bien doté, ils étaient incroyables.
    Dans tous ses films, le joli trou de cul et derrière d'Éric s'est fait marteler.
    -Beau Mec


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