Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Blind Leading mrpeenee

I am immensely nearsighted. I have 20/500 vision - what other people can see at 500 feet, has to be 20 feet away for me to see it in focus If you were to look through a pane of glass thickly smeared with Vaseline, you’d have a close approximation of what I see without my contacts. Normally, it’s not really a problem; I’ve worn glasses or contacts almost all my life, I get up, put them on and leave them on until I go to bed. It only becomes problematic when, on days like today, I have a scratch on my eye that has worsened throughout the day to the point where I can’t wear my contacts and don’t have my glasses with me. So I sit here at my desk blind as a gay bat, typing by touch (god knows what I’m spelling) and hoping the sound of my busy keyboard will shield me from my office mates.

No, I cannot attend a meeting, unless we spring for a seeing-eye dog first. No, I cannot edit your stupid text until I learn Braille. No, I can’t see you now because I can’t SEE you. Go away.

If I sit really still, maybe I won’t bump into anything.


  1. why am i even leaving a comment!?!

    you can't see it after all.

    seriously, i hope the scratchy eye isn't something that will get worse.

  2. Why how sweet. Sort of. I'll be fine. One of the first things you learn with wearing contacts is how fast your eye heals. It should be okay by tomorrow.

  3. Dear me that sounds drattedly inconvenient... my vision is about minus four and a bit on a contact lens script. If that means anything to you... and that's inconvenient enough for me...

  4. Honey, I just hope you were able to see well enough to get home!

  5. Gosh, you're not still trapped there, I hope, are you?

    And bumping into things could be kind of fun...depending on what they are.

  6. Thanks to all of you (again, sort of) for your rather inflated concerns. I made it home just fine, thank you.

    And Jason, you obvisouly have never seen my office if you think bumping into anything here might be considered fun.


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