Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Interview

We were puttering around the kitchen earlier tonight, making stir-fried tofu because we have embraced our inner lesbians, when the doorbell rang. Imagine my surprise to discover it was the two queens doing research on Non-Monogamous Gay Long Term Relationships with whom I had agreed to do an interview and then completely forgotten. Oops. Imagine my even greater surprise to see that one of them is a guy I've been porking at the tubs for years. I had been contacted about this a month ago by email and knew the guys who were looking for interview subjects (gay men who had been together more than eight years and who were "openly non-monogamous." Whatever.) were themselves long term partners, but I didn't know one-half of them was my scrumptous little fuck buddy. My, how we all laughed. Fortunately, they too are non-monogamous (which is research talk for slutty) so there was no more uncomfortableness than if we had discovered we all went to the same gym. Just one more benefit to being easy.

We split up for the interview and it turned out to be a very interesting half hour. For one thing, I adore talking about myself. It's why I volunteer for focus groups - when I found out someone would pay me for my opinions, I was delighted. For that matter, it's why I have a blog. Well, that and all the lovely, lovely friends I've made, honest.

Also, this was the most focussed attention I've paid to the aspect of outside sex in R Man and my life together and that was mighty fascinating, at least to me. The guy interviewing me had plenty of insights into boybutt-on-the-side relationships and I enjoyed very much discussing them with him.

They're looking for more study participants, so if you're part of a Non-Monogamous Gay Long Term Relationship or know somebody who is, let me know and I'll hook you up with the boys. I promise not to call you a slut. To your face.


  1. God, what a genius concept for a sitcom!

    (or porn...or both)

    You need to pitch it, as soon as this whole "writers' strike" is over.

  2. We could call it "Four's Company." Or maybe "The Promiscuous Hillbillies." Or "Gilligan is a Great Big Slut." Or "Golden Girls." Wait, that one's already been used, scratch that.

  3. "The Promiscuous Hillbillies"
    that has a wonderful ring to it.

  4. What about "I Dream of Weenie"? Or "The Patty Duke Show"?

  5. A hot dog drives her insane.

    You could lose your mind.

  6. Hahahah oh my god. "A hotdog drives her insane" made me laugh hard. When you said 'we split up for the interview' I had a vivid mental picture of you having a lovely 15 minute interview...followed by 45 minutes of crazed weasel sex.

    "See you next saturday?"


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