Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sing Out, Klaus

Thanks to the fiercely fabulous Christine for this link about tonight's lunar eclipse:

I know it seems like a government funded science site should load faster, but then, George Bush is still president, isn't he? In any case go outside about 7:25 and look up. If you can arrange to listen to the great Nomi belting out "total Eclipse", even better.


  1. Cool!

    We saw the Atlantis Space Shuttle last night, flying to FL.

  2. What a great story, I'm vibrating with jealousy. I remember the SNL Bowie appearance, weren't little wind-up poodle dog toys involved?

  3. We watched this from our roofdeck last night, it was so otherworldly and beautiful. And don't you doubt that "Total Eclipse" was going through my head the entire time. Of course, it usually is...

    Which reminds me, Mr. P, you must see NOMI SONG if you haven't already. Seriously. It's like a new-wave COCKETTES documentary. Fabulous.


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