Friday, July 11, 2008


Diane von Austinberg and I are already planning her visit here in September. Actually, "planning" may be a wee exageration. We're trading emails about going to the beach and various thift stores. This is one of the reasons I adore her so, I asked if the Salvation Army store on Sutter had already closed the last time she was here. Her reply:

"Yes, that's when you discovered it had closed. We went there all ready to knock down the homeless people in our search for good junk and were met with nothing but a locked door and empty windows. And hadn't that weird little churchy shop closed as well (not the foofy one but the one around the corner from it that was on two levels and had no room to manuever. You know: the one where I bought the sweater with the cum on it and wowed you.)? I wonder if there's good thrifting in Marin. . . ."

You can't count on finding friends like that, and you have to treasure the ones you have.

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