Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday in the Park with Frostbite

We wandered over to the neighborhood next to Golden Gate Park today for lunch, a very tasty burrito at a taqueria we had never been to, yay for our bold explorer blood, and then continued meandering into the park. I wanted to buy two posters I had seen at the bookstore in the aboretum and we love that part of the park very much. If you have any interest in gardening, or just looking at pretty flowers, it's mecca. The arboretum has the most lushly landscaped beds, filled with really interesting specimens from areas that share the mediterranean climate with San Francisco, a climate which today was gray and cold. I know it's July; I was wearing my summer coat. Certainly, having sprung from the Gulf Coast, I sympathize with those of you sweltering right now. You'll have to trust me when I say I was eyeing the lady bundled up in scarf and gloves with envy.

While in the park, we stumbled on the always charming Golden Gate Park Band. A very traditional small brass and woodwind group, they play each Sunday in beautiful Neo-classical band shell, always presenting an eclectic program of show tunes and operetta and Sousa marches. It's odd to think how often we see them without ever planning on it. I played tuba (badly) in school and have a great fondness for the cheesy, slightly out of tune shows they produce.

Here's the posters I bought. They're going in the bold pink bathroom.


  1. (ha. Cute captioning they do out there.)

    But taquerias, tubas, mediterranean flowers, chilly Julys, summer coats!?
    Sheesh...sounds like a paradise to me.

  2. I think 'cheesy slightly out of tune shows' are always the best.

    Nice posters! Bold, arresting! Now about that 'bold pink bathroom'

    I played trumpet in school. Badly. You really need to hear my muffled version of "Hawaii Five-O's" show theme...

  3. MIss J loves anything forbidden. Especially forbidden beauty.

  4. Faaabulous!

    Imagine! Having to wear a coat in July! Dahling, I am SO envious!!!

  5. Distinguishing between a summer coat and a winter coat is a very foreign concept to this southerner. I don't know which I'm most jealous of, your climate or your great new posters. Sounds like a great day.


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