Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dee Cee

mrpeenee is off tomorrow morning to Our Nation's Capitol for training. The specific topic of the training has been explained to me more than once, and I've cast a jaundiced eye over the agenda, but I'm still not clear on the point of this whole thing. That's not unusual for our agency.

I will actually be there less time than I will be traveling, but I am not complaining. In and out is fine with me. While I think it's important to occasionally return to the South during the summer to remind myself why I'm so glad to have escaped, I'm not crazy, after all.

The only touristy thing I'm considering is a short hop over to the Phillips Collection, a charming museum near Dupont Circle. Aside from that, it's me and the Holiday Inn's air conditioner, all the way.


  1. Bring me the broomstick of Laura Bush!

  2. Have I mentioned how lovely it's been in Vancouver?

  3. Oh, go ahead - have a nice blowout dinner at Annie's. A trip to the Deathstar isn't the same without one.

  4. Miss J loves DC. Of course she's never been in summer. Travel Safely.


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