Friday, August 22, 2008

Sunshine, Lollipops, Etc....

Sweetums, it's been the most glorious day. Details would be just too tedious, but three separate medium sized problems here at work solved themselves, each just as I was gritting my teeth and preparing to wade into them, none with any direct intervention by me and one while I was at lunch. Yes, bitches, yes, the power of burritos with extra salsa proved once again. I am happy as Shelly Winters on a diet pill/daiquiri spree.


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  2. "I am happy as Shelly Winters on a diet pill/daiquiri spree."

    No offense to Dotty up there, but that's pretty good.

    I might just use that.

  3. It's all for you sweetie. No charge.

  4. Yay for problems that resolve themselves. Bigger yay for diet pill and daquiri sprees.


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