Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mrpeenee's Only Political Comment. Honest

Much better than a shot of Joe Biden, don't you think?

Several stories I've read this week quote McCain sources, or their apologists, discounting the polls showing Obama pulling ahead of the the troglodyte. Their logic? People lie to pollsters when asked if they would vote for a black candidate (or for that matter vote to remove the right of gays to marry.) So they're basing their hopes on the cowardly lies bigots tell to complete strangers in order to hide their shame. Fabulous. That's the kind of democracy that needs to be protected from the likes of, oh, say, Me. And ronda. And Miss Janey. And Thombeau. And Elizabeth. And jason (or jehsean) and TJB and Muscato and all the Michaels and everyone else who thinks.

I'm mrpeenee and I approved this rant.


  1. huh? did you say something?

  2. Frankly, I'm all for a feudal society. Democracy gives a voice to people who really shouldn't be heard. Let them eat cock!

  3. I'd be OK with feudalism if only they had nicer clothes.

  4. I'm Diane von Austinburg and I approve not only Mr. P's rant but his comment about nicer clothes being necessary!


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