Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh, What a Relief...

OK, so it's a tiny bit embarrassing that I am so tame my drug of choice these days is Alka Seltzer Wake-Up Call. I'm wild for it. It's supposed to be for hangovers, but it seems unlikely that if you were actually hungover, you'd be able to find it, it's sort of an obscure nostrum. I have a little pick-me-up with it every afternoon. It's a dynamite combo composed of bromide, aspirin and caffeine; soothing of mild aches and it makes you burp. Yippee. Plus, it comes in a tasty citrus flavor and the gay, gay, gay package graphics includes an exclamation point, so you know it has to be good.

Try some today. You'll be glad you did.


  1. Mix in a bit of vodka in and you've got yourself a party ! (gay exclamation point)

  2. I swig Alka-Seltzer like it's Perrier, so this remarkably gay product is good to know about! Gay.

  3. It's scary how appealing I find the idea of this product.

  4. I can never think of the word "bromide" without immediately seeing a half-swooning Mary Boland. Since that's a truly lovely way to start any day, thank you!

  5. "For After A Night Out!"

    Do they make anything for "After A Night In?"

    RE: Muscato; lurve me some Countess!

  6. i used to use alka-seltzer,but now i use lorazepam...great for hangovers...


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