Thursday, October 16, 2008

Surrender, Dorothy

Why struggle against Mario Lopez? Why not simply admit he is the humpiest, most booty-licious butt boy on the planet and move on? It's what I did and I'm much happier now. Honest.


  1. That's one gorgeous ass.
    (in so many ways)

  2. Such a lovely shimmery bronze tan his pretty ass has too.

  3. His ass/my face.

    Would someone please call the "Make A Wish" Foundation on my behalf?

  4. The thing is, I was actually more attracted to him on Saved By the Bell than I am now. I think he's a little overworked these days.

    But I would bury my face in his ass any ol' time!

  5. He's got the dreaded airbrushed-Botoxed treatment on the cover of his new workout book.

    As if we all wouldn't tap it anyway.

  6. Sigh. It's just so wrong to be so fucking gorgeous...


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